Father’s Day Special Budget Tech Gift Guide

Father’s Day Special Budget Tech Gift Guide 2018

Now that we have all celebrated our love and respect towards our incredible moms, it is time to acknowledge the Man in our lives. It is time to let our dads know that they nonetheless than our moms. They are the knights who saved us from boogeyman when we were kids; they are the friends who taught us many essential things from fishing, cycling to tough lessons of life. Like moms, dads do not deserve only one day of celebration;

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How to Improve Your Food Photography in 3 Simple Steps

Businesses like restaurants, food chains, bakeries and more are developing on the strength of their food photography. A perfect picture that captures the essence of a dish can help tremendously in the social media marketing strategy, blog post, or product photo. Taking great photographs of food is a hard-earned skill. But these days learning new artistry or abilities are also a lot easier thanks to the internet, no matter who you are; even a smartphone can yield gorgeous, high-quality images.

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